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NYRA Board Approves New Tote Contractor in Fourth Meeting

By Ashley Herriman | 04/11/2013 06:22 PM ET

During its fourth meeting on Thursday, The New York Racing Association, Inc. (NYRA) Board of Directors authorized NYRA management to enter into a contract with AmTote International, Inc. to provide totalizator services at Aqueduct Racetrack, Belmont Park,and Saratoga Race Course.

Meeting in Manhattan, the Board also discussed Global Betting Exchange (GBE) and agreed to empower an ad hoc group to review comments from the Board on the proposed contract and act on the Board’s behalf before the next full Board meeting. 
Board Chair David Skorton updated the full Board on the NYRA CEO search, revealing that the Executive Search Committee and search firm RSR Partners have been working closely to identify prospective candidates for the position and will develop a short list.
“We intend to work quickly, but not more quickly than we think is prudent,” Skorton said of the CEO search. “We will honor our pledge to have all major decisions made by the full Board.”
The Board also heard reports from NYRA President and COO Ellen McClain, the Audit & Compliance Committee, the Finance Committee, the Public Hearings & Communications Committee, the Equine Safety Committee, and the Long-Term Planning Committee, as well as a legislative update from Bennett Liebman, New York State’s Deputy Secretary for Gaming and Racing. 
The Board approved two motions from the Equine Safety Committee, allowing NYRA to cooperate with other racing jurisdictions by sharing samples for out-of-competition testing requests and authorizing NYRA to voice support for the “Safeguard American Food Exports Act of 2013.”
In total, the Board today:
  • Voted to appoint an ad hoc committee to accept Board comments on the proposed contract with GBE to provide upgrades to online wagering, and act on the proposal before the Board’s next meeting 
  • Voted to authorize NYRA management to enter into a contract with AmTote International, Inc. to provide totalizator services to NYRA 
  • Voted to re-elect NYRA Corporate Officers
  • Voted to approve the remaining stakes schedule for 2013 
  • Voted to appoint Bobby Flay to the Equine Safety Committee
  • Voted to approve the minutes of the Board meeting held on February 27, 2013
The Board also agreed to postpone its next meeting – previously scheduled for May 15 – to a future date to be determined.
All materials discussed and reviewed during the Board’s meetings, replays of past meetings, and a list of Board members are available here 
About the NYRA Board: The NYRA Board consists of 17 directors: eight appointed by Governor Cuomo; two directors each appointed by the Senate and Assembly; and five directors appointed by the former NYRA Board. Breeders and Horsemen each have an ex officio member. The NYRA Board is in effect for 3 years, following which NYRA will revert back to majority private control. Seven of the appointees are new to the NYRA Board, and bring experience from the entertainment, finance, and legal fields in addition to horse racing.