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The Stewards' Corner

Welcome to the Stewards’ Corner, where you will find explanations of the decisions that our stewards make on race days. Directly following any decision they make having to do with the official order of finish, including inquiries and objections, the stewards – one appointed by The New York Racing Association, Inc. (NYRA), one appointed by the New York State Gaming Commission, and one appointed by The Jockey Club (TJC) – provide an explanation of what happened and the reason for their decision. Click on the links below to read those explanations.

Race Decisions - January 9, 2011

RACE 9: Steward’s Inquiry into the Start. At the start, # 3 Midnight Max (C. Hill) breaks a step slowly. # 2 Igoturback (J. Chavez) shifts out filling the void left by # 3 and making contact with # 4, with subsequent crowding of horses outside. Simultaneously, # 7 Greeleys’ Law (C. Lopez) shifts in after the break and the resultant bump with those inside causes the jockey (C. Lopez) to be unseated.The race is declared Official as is.


4035.2. Foul riding penalized.
(c) If a horse or jockey jostles another horse, the aggressor may be disqualified, unless the impeding horse or his jockey was partly in fault or the jostle was wholly caused by the fault of some other horse or jockey.