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The Stewards' Corner

Welcome to the Stewards’ Corner, where you will find explanations of the decisions that our stewards make on race days. Directly following any decision they make having to do with the official order of finish, including inquiries and objections, the stewards – one appointed by The New York Racing Association, Inc. (NYRA), one appointed by the New York State Gaming Commission, and one appointed by The Jockey Club (TJC) – provide an explanation of what happened and the reason for their decision. Click on the links below to read those explanations.

Race Decisions - March 4, 2011

RACE 9: Steward’s Inquiry into the start.  # 9 Talk to Nick (J. Alvarado) hits and opens the front doors of the gate prior to the start of the race.  Talk to Nick then comes out awkwardly unseating the jockey, as the rest of the field breaks with the official start immediately after the # 9 doors had already opened.
In addition, # 8 Full Tilt Noogie (J. Espinoza) breaks slowly, well behind the field and lightly bumps Talk to Nick in passing.

In the judgment of the stewards, neither horse was determined to be a “non-starter” (NYSRWB Rule No. 4009.21) 
Their poor starts were the result of the horses’ own actions.
Talk to Nick broke through the gate in advance of the official start, and Full Tilt Noogie broke slowly after the stall doors had opened normally.

The race was declared Official as is.


4009.21. Refund-- non-starter.
(a)  When a horse starts. Every horse shall be considered a starter when the stall gates open on the signal of the starter, unless the stewards declare a horse or horses non-starters because, in their opinion, the horses’ chances were compromised leaving the starting gate. If so, all bets on the non-starters will be refunded unless the horse wins. For placing and program purposes, the non-starters will be considered to have run for purse only.
(b)  If it be determined by the stewards that a horse is declared a non-starter, the money bet on the horse shall be refunded; if such horse is part of an entry or field, such circumstances shall be treated as a scratch for wagering as provided in section 4009.20 of this Part, notwithstanding the placing of any remaining part of the entry or field.