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NYRA Rewards - Saratoga Starter Kit

Saratoga Starter Kit


Saratoga Starter Kit A Day FAQ Sheet


Q.           How does the promotion work?


A.            All new sign-ups during the Saratoga Meet (July 18th through September 1st) are eligible for the Saratoga Starter Kit which includes receive a $10 deposit for up to twenty days and TimeformUS PP’s for one month.


Q.           How do I receive the $10 deposit and free past performances


A.            Everyday a new patron wagers $10 on their NYRA Rewards account, they will receive a $10 credit in their account the following day by noon for up to 20 calendar days (max $200).


Q.           How do I recieve the FREE TimeformUS PPs?

A.            To receive the free TimeformUS PP’s, new wagering customers first purchase the $19.99 New NYRA Rewards member package available on this page. Then they will be reimbursed their purchase within 48 hours and no automatic recurrent billing will take place."


Q.           Am I eligible for the promotion if I have already signed up for NYRA Rewards?


A.            This promotion is for new sign-ups only.


Q.            Where can I view my $10 deposit to make sure it has been credited?


A.            Patrons can view this information online under the "Adjustments" column in their Historical Transactions on nyrarewards.com.


Q.           What if I cancel a wager or a bet was canceled due to a late scratch?


A.            These bets will not count towards your $10 total.


Q.           What if I miss making a bet on one day of the promotion?


A.            You will not receive the $10 deposit in your account but you can still wager the today and will receive a $10 deposit in your account the following day by noon.

Q.           What if I am an out of state resident?


A.            Out of state residents can not enroll in NYRA Rewards unless they are residents of Massachusetts, or Vermont.


Q.           Why don’t phone wagers count towards the promotion?


A.            Phone wagers do count towards the promotion but they must be made via our touch tone or automated voice recognition wagering systems. For more information on these, visit the phone wagering section of nyrarewards.com.