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Saratoga Handicapping Challenge

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“Battle of Saratoga” 2015
Handicapping Challenge
Rules & Regulations

Dates:                                 August 12th and 13th, 2015

Site:                                    Saratoga Race Course, Upper Carousel

Entry Fee:                          $1,000

Field Size:                          TBD, (maximum two entries per person)

Registration Period:           July 2 through July 30

Prize Money:                     Based on number of entrants.  $44 of the $1,000 prize pool is used for wagering and the                                                 remaining $956 is returned to the players as prize money

                                          Top 3 registered NHC members win a seat to the National Handicapping Championship and First                                   place finisher wins a seat to the Breeders’ Cup Betting Challenge

Tracks:                              August 12th:  Saratoga, Delaware Park & the First Three (3) Races at Del Mar **
                                         August 13th:  Saratoga, Arlington, and the First Three (3) Races at Del Mar **

** In the event that, due to circumstances beyond NYRA’s control, live racing is cancelled at our host track, Finger Lakes will be designated as the alternate New York area wagering track.


1. Entrants will make ten [10] contest wagers each contest day.

2. Entrants will make nine [9] $2 win, place or show wagers on each contest day.

3. Entrants will make one [1] $4 win, place or show wager on each contest day.

4. Entrants may select only one horse per race. Coupled betting entries and mutuel fields will be regarded as a single selection.

5. Entrants cannot make more than one wager in any one race.

6. At least five [5] selections per day must be made on races conducted at Saratoga and no more than five [5] wagers may be made on tracks other than Saratoga on each contest day.

7. In the event of a late scratch of a contestant’s horse, the contestant is allowed to re-bet the race if time permits.  If the contestant does not have time to place a new wager, he or she will receive a no contest wager for that race.  If there are no contest races remaining, the contestant will not receive another wager.  If the late scratch prohibits a contestant from making their mandatory five [5] Saratoga wagers, he or she will not receive an alternate race to wager on.

8. In the event that an entrant places less than ten [10] wagers during a contest day, the entrant will receive $0 for any unplaced wager. Unplaced wagers may not be carried to a subsequent contest day.

9. Win odds will be capped at 15-1, resulting in a maximum payoff of $32 on a $2 win bet and $64 on a $4 win bet. Place and show odds are capped at 10-1, resulting in a maximum payoff of $22 on a $2 bet and $44 on a $4 bet.

10. Bets must be placed by the contestant.  The entrant is solely responsible for ensuring that his or her wager is correct.

11. The decision of the judges, NYRA Marketing and Special Events, in all matters or disputes relating to the tournament is final.

12. All official track rulings will apply to the horses selected for tournament play except as otherwise stipulated.

13. Contestants who have full or partnered ownership of a horse racing in a contest-eligible race, on a tournament day, must declare this to the tournament organizers during the check-in process, and must wager on their own horse, if they choose to bet that race as part of their tournament play.


1. The top 20 finishers will receive prize money.  If there are less than 200 entrants, the top 10% will receive prize money. 
2. Order of finish is based on highest accumulated earnings.
3. If tie exists, prize money for that position will be equally divided among the entrants involved in tie.
4. Please allow 30 days for processing and mailing of winning checks.

Additional Prize Money

$1,500   - to the highest bankroll at the conclusion of Day One of the tournament.
$1,500 – to the player that compiles the highest single day bankroll at the conclusion of Day Two

General Rules

  • All entrants must be at least 21 years of age.
  • Winners are subject to all State and Federal Tax Requirements.
  • Officers and employees of New York Racing Association Inc., and their family members, are not eligible for the tournament.
  • NYRA reserves the right to terminate or withdraw this request at any time, for any cause without prior notice. In this event, all entry fees will be refunded.
  • Entrants must place their wagers via the Self Service Terminals dedicated to the tournament.  These machines will be clearly marked as such.
  • Entrants may review bets made and dollars accumulated via the Self Service Terminals dedicated to the tournament.
  • NYRA reserves the right to make changes to the contest rules and format if necessary.


Registration will be available through July 30th, 2015 OR UNTIL CAPACITY HAS BEEN REACHED. No registrations or payments will be accepted after that date, or after contest capacity is reached (whichever occurs first).  You may register by completing an entry form and submitting a personal check, cash, Visa, Amex, Master Card, or money order in the amount of $1,000 per entry (maximum of two), along with the entrant's name, address, social security number and phone number. Registration by mail must be received no later than July 30th, 2015 (based on availability). There will be no registrations for either players or guests at the door.   Please note, we are moving offices between Sunday, July 19 and Friday, July 24.

Entrants must be present on both days of the tournament to remain eligible for prizes. Please mail entry to:

Attn: Donny Nelson
Marketing/Special Events P.O. Box 90
Jamaica, NY 11417

A maximum limit of two [2] entries per person will be accepted. Once we have determined that the maximum number of entries have been registered, or registration deadline has been reached, no other entries will be accepted.  

On August 12th, 2015, between 11:00 a.m. and 12:30 p.m., entrants must present positive government-issued identification, and will then be issued an official tournament envelope, which will contain your wagering materials.