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New modifications to Saratoga Race Course giveaway policy designed to enable more guests to receive and take home Saratoga-themed premium offerings

By John Durso, Jr.; Mark Bardack | 07/16/2014 12:30 PM ET

Outlining changes to ensure that more guests are able to participate in Saratoga Race Course’s popular giveaways, The New York Racing Association today announced its 2014 giveaway policy.

As in the past, all Saratoga Race Course guests visiting on giveaway days will receive one voucher with paid admission upon entry.  This voucher can be redeemed for a premium item, while supplies last.

Guests seeking to purchase additional vouchers will be permitted to purchase two at a time by utilizing the multiple admissions line beneath the grandstand, near the Saratoga Styles boutique.  Previously, guests could purchase up to five vouchers at a time. 

Consistent with this modification, guests are now able to redeem up to three vouchers at a time at Saratoga Race Course’s giveaway redemption areas, located near the Big Red Spring and the Top of the Stretch.  This number includes the original voucher guests automatically receive with their paid admission. There was no limit to the number of vouchers which could be redeemed at a time in prior years. 

“These policy changes are designed to create a more equitable process for all of our loyal fans and provide an opportunity for more of our guests to enjoy and secure one of our premier Saratoga giveaways,” said Lynn LaRocca, Chief Experience Officer for the New York Racing Association. “Giveaway days are part of a long tradition at Saratoga Race Course, and these modifications will ensure that more of our guests can leave with one of these prized mementos."

Additionally, the New York Racing Association will no longer count vouchers that are purchased at the multiple admissions line as part of its daily attendance on giveaway days.

“We're aware that past attendance numbers may have been inflated on giveaway days due to the practice of incorporating each multiple voucher sold on track as part of our paid admission. These inflated numbers adversely skewed the far more important business metric of on-track per capita spending,” said LaRocca. “The New York Racing Association is committed to transparency and will be discontinuing this policy starting on Opening Day.”

All giveaways are free with paid admission, while supplies last. Saratoga Season pass holders, who are entitled to one admission per day, will receive one voucher each on giveaway Sundays that may be redeemed for a giveaway, while supplies last.

The 2014 giveaway schedule is as follows:

The first giveaway of the 2014 season will pay tribute to the millinery theme of opening weekend with a free Saratoga baseball cap, with paid admission, while supplies last. The baseball cap is sponsored by Saratoga Casino & Raceway.

Racing fans will raise a toast to Saratoga’s second giveaway of the 2014 meet: a set of Saratoga Race Course pilsner glasses, free with paid admission, while supplies last.

Racing fans will receive their own Saratoga Toyota tote bag, the third giveaway of the season, free with paid admission, while supplies last.

Enjoy a day at the races in a commemorative short sleeve t-shirt, free with paid admission, while supplies last.

The 2014 summer meet at Saratoga Race Course begins on Friday, July 18 and concludes on Labor Day, Monday, September 1. For more information about Saratoga Race Course, call (518) 584-6200 or log onto www.nyra.com. For additional information about events at Saratoga Race Course, visit here.