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New York Claiming Championship Day

Racing continues with today’s card featuring the Belle Gallantey, Dads Caps, Caixa Eletronica, Stud Muffin, Peeping Tom, Xtra Heat, Sis City, More to Tell, Videogenic and Kelly Kip. Tune in to Talking Horses for in-depth analysis from handicapper Andy Serling and other guests.


Empire 6
The Empire 6, featuring a $0.20 bet minimum and 20 percent takeout, will be part of the Aqueduct wagering menu. The wager requires the bettor to select the first-place finisher of the final six races of the card. If one unique ticket exists, then 100% of the net pool, plus the jackpot carryover if applicable, will be paid to the winner. If there is no unique wager selecting the first-place finisher in all six races, then 75% of the day’s net pool will be distributed to those who selected the first-place finisher in the greatest number of races. The remainder, will be added into the jackpot and carried to the next day’s Empire 6. 


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Today's Stakes Races Full Schedule
Handicapping & More
Today's Stakes Races Full Schedule
Caixa Eletronica (Starter $40,000)
$80,000.00 7 Furlongs 4 & Up
Stud Muffin (Starter $25,000)
$75,000.00 1 3/8 4 & Up
Xtra Heat (Starter $25,000)
$75,000.00 6 1/2 Furlongs F&M 4&UP
Peeping Tom (Starter $20,000)
$70,000.00 6 1/2 Furlongs 4 & UP
Sis City (Starter $16,000)
$60,000.00 1 Mile F&M 4&UP
More To Tell (Starter $16,000)
$60,000.00 1 Mile 4 & UP
Videogenic (Starter $12,500)
$55,000.00 6 Furlongs F&M 4&UP
Kelly Kip (Starter $12,500)
$55,000.00 6 Furlongs 4 & UP
Dads Caps (Starter $8,000)
$45,000.00 7 Furlongs 4 & Up
Belle Gallantey (Starter $8,000)
$45,000.00 7 Furlongs F&M 4&UP
Handicapping & More